Cloud-based photo technology, generating revenue, driving data collection and increasing market share.

South Africa
Business Services; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000029638

Our client has a twenty-year track record in photography systems used predominantly at tourism destinations. Proven as a self-funding revenue generator, the company now seeks to increase scalability of the system and penetrate a greater range of markets. As such, they have extended the product offering by developing a photo application, currently in the post Beta-testing phase, pre-income phase. Our client invites investors to help reach the existing substantial global addressable market.

Key Aspects
  • Leveraging the tried-and-trusted revenue-generating photo-system, the new app will provide a powerful marketing platform that offers an unique opportunity to become a single customer-facing portal for a full-suite product package.
  • A full-suite product package could include car hire, flights, bookings, tour companies, insurance, visas and discount specials.
  • Currently, photography system clients are world-class tourism attractions, but the app provides an opportunity to extend the market to iconic precincts, events, and any other industry that wishes to benefit from increased visitor income, and amplified branding.
  • 98% engagement rate with the full software suite of photography system.
  • First-mover advantage will enable brands to be the first to present every product requirement customers could need, while they are browsing for their next experience.
  • Low barriers to customer uptake: due to the ongoing effects of Covid-19, tourist destinations appreciate the low cap-ex required and that existing staff and equipment can be used, while gaining access to a system that will keep them relevant in the industry and a step ahead of competitors.
  • Significant opportunities existto increase revenue by deeper engagement with the existing total addressable market, which is significantin size globally.
  • Leveraging photography and social media sharing as the data collection mechanism, the app will enable world-class tourism attractions, iconic precincts, and events to increase their marketing reach and scalability to a targeted audience.
  • Investment from a significant player in the industry will catapult the developoment and rapid roll-out of the app to achieve a global footprint quickly.
  • By gathering data of actual users, there are endless possibilities to develop directed call-to-action campaigns.
  • While remaining privacy low-compliant, the opportunity exists to connect with the customer base on an ongoing basiss through opt-in client-defined campaigns, such as competitions, value-add services, or reduced fees at associated attractions.
  • Additional features to be added soon, include: opt-in polls for market research
  • ability to deliver e-voucher driving secondary spend, and
  • on-demand print stations for hand-copy keepsakes

South Africa