Investment Opportunity: A manufacturer & distributor of military specification industrial fibre and electrical components

Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BM021322
Turnover (Forecast): R45,711,482
EBITDA (Forecast): R1,793,886

The company is a turnkey provider of high-specification cables and connector solutions to the military, aerospace, maritime and industrial sectors of South Africa. The company’s connector and cable assemblies form integral links between complex technical components such as guidance systems, radars, infrared sensors, audio and visual communications inside military defence equipment, such as missiles, tanks, UAVs, and industrial rail and mining.

Key Aspects
  • Exclusive agents for leading international OEM cable and connector brands - with strong relationships, having represented and promoted their brands in South Africa exclusively for several years.
  • A complete basket of high-spec industrial and military qualified products - for any environment, from high-altitude to underwater, to rugged and corrosive environments.
  • Highly skilled workforce - with rare technical skills and long service histories.
  • Turnkey services - from design, prototyping and testing, to production manufacturing.
  • Internationally approved, military-specification products - audited and certified globally, with a proven ability to supply to any military organisation.
  • A valuable pipeline of projects in various phases of the production cycle - the time between the initial design and the first production schedule can be several years, representing a significant barrier to entry for any newcomer to the market.
  • Committed leadership - with strategic objectives, ready to enact the business' next phase of growth.

The shareholder has identified growth opportunities such as expanding into Africa and the UAE and diversifying more into the industrial market.


The company is headquartered in northern Gauteng, occupying a 2200m² industrial property, rented with offices, stores and manufacturing areas, which can facilitate business growth.

Current Markets
  • Military: 72%
  • Aerospace: 13%
  • Industrial: 15%
Potential Markets
  • High-end industrial connector market
  • International markets (Africa and UAE)