Integrated payment solutions platform, enabling mobile payments for retailers

Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000029988
Turnover (Estimated): R40,000,000

The technology platform provides mobile payment services to retail enterprises in South Africa and Australia, on both own payment devices as well as on 3rd party Android devices. There is a growing market demand as the mobile payment experience facilitates and enhances shopping payment transactions for both retailers and customers.

Recent investment has focused on developing and improving the platform to enable merchants to transact using Android and iOS dev ices and connect to a range of payment and point of sales (POS) systems, including e commerce solutions.

Key Aspects
  • By leveraging technology, experienced resources, and strategic partnerships, the company provides a retail ready, cost effective, and fully supported enterprise mobility payment platform.
  • Processes 1,000,000 transactions with a value of US$ 30,000,000 monthly.
  • Market leaders in the development of a small form mobile card payment device, and hold various patents and trademarks relating to payments.
  • Developed and operates its own Mobile Transaction Processing switch; investment into its own switch and Terminal Management System keeps costs low and supports rapid innovation.
  • Strong, long standing relationships and integrations with banks and payment processors in South Africa and across Asia Pacific.
  • Continue to innovate with leading R&D in security features, disruptive technologies, and expanding the technology to work on additional operating systems.
  • Increasing enterprise mobility through offering more integrations with various aspects of payment systems, such as Point of Sale systems.
  • Expanding the Total Addressable Market by integrating with Microsoft and Linux platforms, as these payment solutions continue to dominate.
  • Continue to deepen corporate penetration with the Android and iOS platforms.
  • A recent move to cloud based Azure infrastructure will now enable global scalability and implementation in new geographies.
  • Include processing of “off rails” transactions such as loyalty programs, e wallets and other closed loop cards.
  • Develop new acquiring and processing capabilities by partnering with more commerce service providers such as banks, and various payment service providers globally.

Our client in South Africa is a subsidiary of a holding company based in the UK, with a co development agreement in place to house the IP offshore in the UK. The Australia company is another subsidiary of the UK based holding company, leading growth into the lucrative Australian market.

Current Markets

Market sectors currently targeted are enterprise and SME retailers in the following segments: fashion, DIY, hospitality, quick service restaurants, and unattended sales platforms, such as e commerce.