Acquire a manufacturer of quality menswear garments, with an established customer base of independent retailers across Southern Africa.

Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000031206
Turnover (Forecast): R35,000,000

Our client is a manufacturer and wholesaler of stylish, quality garments. Focusing on menswear, the company’s products include suits, trousers, sports jackets and blazers and accessories such as belts, caps and shoes. Since its establishment, the company has built significant brand recognition in the Southern African marketplace. Its internationally-inspired designs appeal to the local market and have become entrenched in the culture of South African men of all ages. 

Key Aspects
  • Well-established over several decades in operation
  • In-house clothing brands, trademarked in South Africa and surrounding countries
  • A long-standing customer base of independent retailers and outfitters across Southern Africa
  • A highly skilled workforce comprehensive experience enable stylish, quality garments to be created in-house
  • A high-tech manufacturing facility features automation and monitoring equipment for high-volume production
  • Recurring revenue through ongoing sales to restocks retailers 
  • Product sales are driven by a significant, loyal consumer base, whose cultural identity is expressed through the company's stylish garments.
  • The company is organically growing its geographic footprint into Africa. 
  • There is a further opportunity for growth through diversification into manufacturing other types of garments or non-garments. 
  • With localisation being a primary driver of change in the industry, mainstream retail chains represent a significant opportunity for growth. 
Current Markets
  • Independent retailers
  • Outfitters
  • Boutique clothing stores
  • The company's brands are designed for men of various ethnicities, in the low-to-middle income brackets, which represent a significant portion of the country's population.
Potential Markets

The company is poised for further expansion into other SADEC countries.

Real Estate

The company operates from a factory in Gauteng, South Africa, which is equipped with the latest technology in machinery. The 1.5-acre property, owned by the shareholders in a separate entity, is available to be included in the business's sale.