Software developers of financial management solutions with a global clientele

South Africa
Business Services; Financial; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BM007708
Turnover (Forecast): R57,889,259
EBITDA (Forecast): R24,631,151

A group of companies with developed proprietary software to simplify financial management; the group generates revenue from the licensing of and consulting around the software on a global basis. The flagship product provides financial reporting and budgeting tools for mid-sized companies up to enterprises, integrating easily into ERP systems. The business model is highly scalable, with a pool of resources that span the world working remotely and a global partner network for sales and implementation to clients across multiple time zones.

Key Aspects
  • industry agnostic: mid- to enterprise-level corporate markets across a broad range of sectors, to a global market
  • low resource cost base: major development hub is in South Africa
  • strong market demand as a trusted partner and advisor
  • the software solution wins on price, ease of use, and service excellence
  • skilled, loyal staff: average staff retention exceeds 10 years which speaks to the enviable company culture and ethos
  • extensive intellectual property 
  • Microsoft Gold Partner accreditation
  • loyal, global, blue-chip client base with high ‘stickiness’ as the software becomes more and more entrenched in the client’s business
  • 50% of current revenue is from recurring licensing agreements
  • multiple award winner
  • long-standing reputation for excellence and agility as a solutions provider
  • Expanding the geographical footprint: newly established partners in North and South America with a view to creating a market presence there. Another strategic initiative is to gain more traction in sub-Saharan Africa which is largely ignored by primary competitors. Acquisition by the correct partner would enable significant opportunities for this aggressive global roll-out.
  • Self-service implementations: This drives down total cost of ownership for customers and enhances the Group’s competitiveness.
  • Market synergies: An ERP platform missing an enterprise budgeting and forecasting solution could add the software as a new module into their offering. With a strong market presence in Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand, a potential acquirer looking for entry into this market space would do well with our client's largely blue-chip client base.
  • Malta, South Africa, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada
Current Markets
  • The software is used by hundreds of companies in 30+ countries on 5 continents
  • 72% of the revenue is from South African markets; 13% is from Asia Pacific markets; 10% is from African countries (excluding South Africa), and the 5% balance is from USA, Europe and the Middle East.
  • The software is sector agnostic, and current clients are in education, retail, financial and healthcare services, NPOs, logistics, manufacturing, property management, sports and gaming, and telecommunications.