Complete equipment solutions for the food processing industry

South Africa
Consumer, Food & Retail; Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000032343
Turnover (Actual): R222,287,891
EBITDA (Actual): R26,667,163

Our client is a supplier of leading, innovative machinery solutions for the food processing industry. The company designs solutions to import or manufacture, supply, install and maintain the required machinery to meet their clients’ production needs. With many decades of experience in developing complex process systems, the company has strong, long-standing supplier relationships complemented with locally manufactured machinery. Expertise in niche markets, specialist knowledge, and credibility with their customers continue to underpin their success.

Key Aspects
  • Complete equipment solutions can be provided for automation, continuous processing techniques, product development and innovation, including turnkey installations, maintenance and service
  • Exclusive agents for several world-leading brands of food processing equipment
  • The company complements imported machinery with locally developed and proven equipment
  • Innovative culture, with considerable IP in the food processing industry
  • Entrenched in their market through partnerships with customers developed over many years, and with an in-depth understanding of their customer's business and processes
  • Long-established and proven expertise, with a solid and trusted reputation
  • Respected technical teams that are continually in contact with customers to build trust in the marketplace for after-sales service
  • Acquiring the company will provide immediate access to a significant clientele of South African blue-chip companies.
  • Multiple opportunities for growth exist in all sectors, including:
  • Exporting locally manufactured, own-brand equipment that was developed to suit the African market.
  • Penetrating new markets: current opportunities being explored include supplying equipment for local and international snack food manufacturing companies, perfecting target-weight fresh chicken consumer packs for retailers, hamburger patty forming solutions, and accurate pie-filling depositors.
  • Securing more service contracts by growing the technical support capabilities further, to open the possibility of additional maintenance contracts.
  • Expanding the product range.
  • Western Cape
Current Markets
  • Geographically: across Southern Africa, with small and large food producing companies.
  • The current market is food processing industry, requiring turnkey equipment solutions for automation, continuous processing techniques, product development and innovation in all food markets.