Innovative water treatment, turnkey plants, and e-commerce solutions group

Gauteng, South Africa
Environmental, Waste & Recycling
Client Code: BN000036624
Turnover (Forecast): R59,150,347
EBITDA (Forecast): R10,534,358

Our client is a group offering innovative water treatment, including products and services for cooling, boiler, potable, and effluent water treatment. Offerings include the building of turnkey water treatment plants for a variety of manufacturing facilities and e-commerce water treatment solutions serving residential, light industries, and commercial customers. They offer a complete range of services, including water analysis, equipment supply, design, build, installation, supply consumables, repairs, and maintenance through various digital channels.

Key Aspects
  • Specialty in classic water treatment solutions, offering proprietary products and services to a wide array of blue-chip corporates across a multitude of industries
  • Focus on securing SLAs ensuring sustainable annuity income
  • Consistent double-digit growth figures and minimal attrition over the past decade
  • Pioneering e-commerce-driven water treatment solutions provider as part of the Group, serving residential, industrial, and commercial entities
  • Establishing a borehole company and laboratory to expand the range of services
  • Exploring telemetry solutions for data collection and remote system monitoring
  • Planning to introduce new products like solar energy heating hybrids to address growing demand for sustainable energy solutions
  • Offering comprehensive plumbing services to become a one-stop solution for water-related needs
  • Focusing on continuous innovation and expansion, both geographically and in terms of product offerings
  • The group is headquartered in Gauteng, servicing clients across South Africa.
Current Markets
  • The Group primarily sells directly to customers and end-users. Expertise lies in growing their presence at existing customer sites, starting with one or two systems and gradually taking on more water-related aspects. This approach adds significant value to customers.