Reputable freight forwarding agent offering comprehensive door-to-door services for commercial goods

Gauteng, South Africa
Client Code: BN000035013
Turnover (Management): R176,910,221
EBITDA (Management): R4,466,522

The Company is a well-established freight forwarding agent specialising in door-to-door services for commercial goods through air, road, ocean and rail freight solutions. With a strong emphasis on customer service and reliability, the Company has a notably high customer retention rate of approximately 90%. Strategic focus lies in leveraging experience and industry expertise to capitalise on growth opportunities in the competitive freight forwarding market.

Key Aspects
  • Global network and expertise: Extensive network of reliable service providers worldwide, and vast knowledge of local industry.
  • Overcome high barriers to entry: Successfully navigating SARS licensing, accreditation and funding requirements in a niche industry.
  • Wide range of services offered: Comprehensive freight forwarding solutions for commercial goods across all freight types.
  • Customer focus: Strong emphasis on customer service and reliability, with very high customer retention rate.
  • Take-charge approach: Strives to take initiative to handle influxes or shipments with quick turnaround times.
  • Customs Road Bond: Securing a Customs Road Bond for transporting bonded cargo within South Africa.
  • Credit facilities for customers: Accessing increased funding to be able to offer credit payment services, attracting larger customers with extended payment terms.
  • Investment in technology: Opportunity to grow service offerings through investment in creating live apps and sophisticated geo-tracking solutions.
  • Strategic growth initiatives: Further expand and improve services by capitalising on the Company's strong reputation and industry experience.
  • The Company is headquartered in Gauteng, with a supporting branch in South Africa. Clients are serviced across South Africa and the Company has the capability to transport goods internationally; however, the majority of business is currently focused in Gauteng.
Current Markets
  • The competitive edge is derived from reliable service, competitive pricing and personalised customer support. Opportunities for growth and expansion can be realised through targeted marketing efforts to attract new customers and further diversify the customer base.
  • Presently, no single customer accounts for more than 20% of revenue.
  • The Company is also an exclusive supplier to several customers.