Independent logistics service provider specializing in line-haul, direct deliveries, medical device movement and high-value cargo

Gauteng, South Africa
Client Code: BN000035046
Turnover (Forecast): R159,045,167
EBITDA (Forecast): R20,912,614

The company is an independent logistics service provider specializing in line-haul, same-day express and cross border deliveries, special medical device deliveries, direct loads and warehousing. Specialized accreditations enable the company to transport medical devices and precious cargo to a loyal customer base across Southern Africa. With the rise of e-commerce and a pressing need for reputable logistics services and flexible warehousing solutions, our client is well positioned to serve a diverse market with fast, reliable and flexible logistics services. 

Key Aspects
  • Specialized technology and software that efficiently manage and simplify delivery, warehousing and logistics processes  
  • ISO, TAPA and SAMED accreditations that allow the group to transport specialized and medical cargo 
  • Growing fleet of standard and specialized vehicles that are exclusively serviced by dealerships
  • Significant barriers to entry for new players wanting to enter the market including high capital start up costs, which could be overcome by acquiring this proven, experienced service provider that already has the warehouse equipment, fleet of vehicles, well-trained and knowledgeable staff and established client relationships in place.
  • Strict safety measures and compliance checks to ensure safe deliveries 
  • Experienced management team ready to drive the next phase of growth
  • Increasing facility size and expanding branch network: by increasing the size of the facilities and sourcing additional premises, the company can acquire more vehicles to serve new and existing clients and increase the company’s revenue.
  • Improving the BEE Rating: by improving its BEE rating, the company will be able to not only tender for larger governmental projects, but also serve clients that specifically require a certain level of BEE accreditation
  • Adding more vehicles to the fleet: growing the company’s fleet of specialized vehicles will enable it to take on a greater number of clients, while enable the company to scale capabilities on short notice when demand increases
  • The company is headquartered in Gauteng, South Africa and has two branches in strategic regions in South Africa. While the company is based in Gauteng, it also runs cross-border routes across Southern Africa. 
Current Markets
  • The company serves a variety of different customers in Southern Africa, including medical centres, pharmaceutical companies, and other logistics service providers.
  • The company is currently expanding its warehousing capabilities and will soon be able to serve a larger and more diverse customer-base.