Manufacturers of support vehicles and equipment for the mining sector

Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BM007468
Turnover (Forecast): R187,641,038
EBITDA (Forecast): R35,981,257

Our client is a recognised innovator and manufacturer of special-use mining support equipment for open cast and underground mining environments. The Group manufactures custom service trucks and equipment, according to customer requirements and compliant with strict quality standards. The adaptations are typically modular in format, on standard vehicle chasses.

Key Aspects
  • Wide range of products manufactured, from mechanical support units to emergency response modules and holistic fluids-handling solutions 
  • Invaluable technical knowledge and expertise in house
  • Significant IP, effectively institutionalised within the business
  • The succession plan is properly structured and already implemented
  • Design innovation based on years of manufacturing experience
  • OEM-agnostic, working with multiple international vehicle brands
  • NRCS registration as a certified vehicle body builder 
  • Valuable vendor listings at multiple mines
  • No customer concentration risk, supplying mines across the African continent
  • Significant manufacturing asset register
  • Revenue is derived from both local and foreign currency earnings
  • Cash generative and profitable business model 
  • High demand from mines due to the resulting improvement to the mine’s profitability
  • Growth opportunities are constantly being identified as mining processes and requirements change. 
  • There are multiple size variants and new products that are being introduced to the existing client base constantly.
  • Recent NRCS registration as a trailer builder is availing opportunities to manufacture specialised lowbed trailers for various applications. 
  • There is significant demand for customised products to meet the business expansion and growing product demand from one of Africa’s largest mining explosives conglomerates.
  • First mover advantage: there is a possibility of the municipal fire protection sector becoming privatised and the group is well positioned for this eventuality.
  • Rekindling sales into Australia, where the company's products were recognised as a premium brand in the mining industry for many years.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Current Markets
  • Clients are 100% in the mining sector
  • Geographically, the group manufactures for clients across the African continent and in Australia and Panama
  • Solutions can be engineered in South Africa that can fit onto any standard vehicle chassis, without the manufacturing team even having seen the vehicle, then the units can be 'flat-packed' and containerised, for easy shipping to customers globally.
  • Assembling and fitting the structures is easy enough for customers to do themselves on site. 
  • OEM partners and clients include mining vehicle manufacturers.