Poultry equipment solutions provider servicing the southern African region

Gauteng, South Africa
Consumer, Food & Retail
Client Code: BN000037615
Turnover (Actual): R62,292,164
EBITDA (Actual): R8,053,481

The Company is a manufacturer of poultry equipment supplying South Africa and the SADC region, designing and manufacturing various types of poultry equipment, ranging from commercial layers and broilers to breeder and rearing equipment. The Company also uses injection moulding tools and extrusion dyes, with the manufacturing facility equipped with a fibre laser cutter, press machines, bending machine, mills, and lathes. There is also a strong order book with existing clients in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Key Aspects
  • Custom equipment: Expertise and manufacturing ability to assist in and design a project from inception to completion, adhering to the South African Poultry Association’s code of ethics in all products
  • In-house expertise: Team of fully qualified field installation technicians, who manage new installations from beginning to commissioning, while certain specialised services are subcontracted when needed
  • Strong order book: Well positioned for continued success in 2024, with a good standing order book
  • Clientele: Proud regional and national relationships with major poultry producers as well as developing farmers
  • Prompt response and delivery: In-house manufacturing facility allows for good delivery and manufacturing times, prioritising convenience and short turnaround times for all clients
  • Brand visibility: All major industry exhibitions are attended, with advertising taken in local publications and a highly interactive website
  • Market expansion: Looking to expand the footprint beyond Southern Africa, capitalizing on its industry expertise and customized solutions in other African markets
  • Upgrading assets: Upgrading machinery will increase production efficiency and competitiveness
  • Industry diversification: Opportunity exists to leverage operational capabilities and products and supply related industries such as dairy, pork and horticulture
  • With a large facility in Gauteng, the Company is in a prime position to service the country and trading region with reduced lead and delivery times.
Current Markets
  • The Company has built a strong market reputation in the poultry sector and now serves as a trusted supplier to major industry players in Southern Africa. This reputation and exceptional service has contributed to the Company's 100% customer retention rate over the past five years.
  • The Company does not rely on a single dominant client, mitigating the risk associated with dependency on any particular customer.