Last-mile installation and maintenance of fibre optic networks and electronics

Eastern Cape
Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000037952
Turnover (Forecast): R34,908,663
EBITDA (Forecast): R1,745,433

Specialists in last-mile Fibre to the Home (FttH) and Fibre to the Business (FttB) installations and multi-dwelling unit fibre network builds. Contracted by many of South Africa’s top Fibre Network Owners, the company also offers optic fibre maintenance on live telecoms networks. Leveraging two decades of expertise in electronic services and home automation solutions, our client can offer turnkey solutions, including fibre network planning and project management, installations, customer support, and live fibre network maintenance services.

Key Aspects
  • Turnkey solutions for last mile-delivery of fibre optic services for some of the biggest fibre network owners in South Africa
  • Operational structure that can deliver complete projects, including testing and certification of fibre networks for clients
  • The project pipeline is supplied by the fibre network owners, with our client planning, installing, and maintaining the fibre work scope
  • In-house IP from network design architects, project managers, and specialised technicians
  • Recurring revenue from maintenance contracts
  • One of only three companies accredited for installations for a major Fibre Network Operator in the Western Cape
  • Strong company culture within a positive working environment
  • Deep sector experience and expertise enabling forward thinking and creativity with technology applications, which is relevant to the future of internet connectivity, internet of things (IoT) and related electronic services
  • Significant barriers to entry within the industry, and acquisition of an existing, proven company will fast-track penetration into the market and new spin-off technologies, such as IoT opportunities
  • In the ever-changing world of technology where development is constant, there are a multiple opportunities, including:
  • 5G Technology: adapting and upscaling the current company resources to build 5G networks, in line with the national roll-out forecasted for mid-2023.
  • Leveraging shifted acquisition efforts to focus on housing developers and new developments, mainly for the company’s existing Fibre Network Owners.
  • Increasing the number of maintenance contracts for multi-dwelling units. This can be achieved with very little further resourcing required.
  • Introducing new products and services, such as enabling property developers to own and operate their own internal fibre networks and generate revenue from them.
  • Expanding the client base with additional fibre network providers, as there remains a strong demand to migrate from LTE, mobile or wireless internet to fibre due to high data costs in South Africa.
  • Cape Town, with a satellite presence in the Eastern Cape
Current Markets
  • Major Fibre Network Owners in South Africa
  • The geographical footprint is predominantly in the Western Cape, with recent market expansion into the Eastern Cape