Own a full lifecycle asset management software package, offering unique technology integrations for enhanced maintenance operations and cost control.

Client Code: BN000036202
Turnover (Actual): R13,961,895
EBITDA (Actual): R5,903,064

Acquire a unique enterprise asset management software suite; helping asset-intensive organisations manage their portfolios over the entire lifecycle of their assets, facilitating proper maintenance, streamlining compliance and increasing ROI through improved productivity and asset utilisation.

Key Aspects
  • Complete asset maintenance and management solution covering the entire lifecycle of an asset from acquisition, through maintenance to disposal.
  • Several options for implementation, including web-based or intranet, with a mobile application for field technicians. 
  • Full integration with leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, industrial automation systems and business intelligence tools.
  • Compliant with international standards: ISO 5500, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Standard Chart of Accounts (SCOA).
  • Highly skilled developers worked on the platform, building over 1,5 million lines of source code.
  • Broad applicable market – any company with a significant asset base could be a customer. Those with technical assets would derive particular value from the offering’s integration abilities. 
  • Significant opportunity to grow a user base, applicable to several industries.
  • Enforcing of compliance to maintenance schedules and instructions. 
  • Enabling complex asset life calculations, based on financial and operational data. 
  • White labelling | Developers or resellers of other enterprise software packages may elect to offer IMMS as a white label stand-alone product. Using the advanced platform one could tailor offerings for an endless list of markets, including manufacturing companies, real estate markets, automation systems providers and government organisations. 
  • Introduce IMMS to existing customers | Companies that serve business clients that have large quantities of assets could introduce them to IMMS to give them greater control of their assets. Synergistic services may include software implementation, industrial automation and control, asset valuations, insurance and more. 
  • Inhouse implementation | Large, multinational companies may elect to purchase and implement the robust software in-house. 
  • Combined features | Developers of asset management systems or other software solutions, could benefit from integrating IMMS’ technical features with their own, for improved integration of financial and operational aspects of asset management. Synergistic systems include ERP systems, customer relationship managers (CRM), payroll and human resources (HR), business intelligence (BI), artificial intelligence (AI), business process management (BPM) or outsourcing (BPO), industrial automation systems and more. 
  • Predictive modelling | IMMS is predictive modelling enabled, meaning that analytical models for predicting maintenance requirements, based on past usage, engineer specifications and live equipment data, can easily be integrated. This feature is particularly useful for the economic analysis of technical asset lifecycles across entire portfolios. The proprietor is also willing to engage with an acquirer in future PM and AI developments.