Specialist manufacturer of slurry equipment for mineral processing plants

Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BM001680
Turnover (Forecast): R88,064,351
EBITDA (Forecast): R16,795,085

Our client is a designer and manufacturer of bespoke slurry equipment used in mineral processing plants. The company's products are designed to meet each customer's specific needs and improve productivity for mineral processing plants by providing technical solutions to slurry control problems. Leveraging many years of site experience, design knowledge, and technical computational fluid dynamics expertise, the company is renowned as a market leader in slurry equipment design and production.

Key Aspects
  • Established brand in a niche market, generating 62% gross profit margins on average
  • Loyal customer base consisting of blue-chip mining companies, project houses and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with relationships having been built up over many years; a significant barrier to entry
  • Proven intellectual property base with well-documented processes and moulds, masters, patterns
  • Bespoke product range, adapted to meet customers' specific needs
  • Significant asset base of plant and equipment
  • Established supplier network
  • ISO accredited
  • Expanding the geographical footprint: the company's products can be used on mineral processing plants anywhere in the world and it is in the process of growing its international customer base. The company has identified potential locations for an international office and manufacturing facility overseas to drive this growth.
  • Driving sales of an innovative, newly developed technical solution to slurry control problems: the company has developed a system that could be installed on new and existing mineral processing plants with the potential to exponentially increase revenue.
  • These opportunities can be realised by increasing the technical staff complement and development of relationships with international sales agents.
  • The company is headquartered in Gauteng, South Africa where the manufacturing and production facility is located.
Current Markets
  • The company operates predominantly in the mining industry in South Africa, supplying big project houses and OEMs. These make up 45% of the customer base, with local end user mines making up another 20%.
  • The remaining 35% of the company's customer base comprises regional African and international export markets, supplied through local agents.