Specialists in repair, refurbishment and manufacturing of parts for high pressure critical valves and pumps used in the power generation and mining industries

Mpumalanga, South Africa
Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000041732
Turnover (Management): R127,420,221
EBITDA (Management): R47,104,899

This company is a specialist mechanical engineering service provider specializing in refurbishing, testing, and manufacturing parts for high pressure valves and pumps. The company serves diverse base of clients in the power generation, mining as well as pulp and paper industries in South Africa. With a strong supplier network, in-house manufacturing and repair capabilities, as well as long-serving, highly skilled staff, the company is well positioned to unlock greater potential in and around the regions it currently serves.

Key Aspects
  • Strategic location in Mpumalanga which allows the company to efficiently serve several coal mining operations and power stations in the area
  • Extensive asset list of world-class repair, testing and manufacturing equipment to the value of R45m, proving the company’s capability to secure funding
  • Neutral positioning that enables the company to service any reputable pump and valve for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Portable service equipment increasing mobility and enabling the company to service clients faster and more conveniently by travelling to and completing work at various locations
  • Long-serving and highly skilled staff members who have the technical and sales skills necessary to complete projects to a high standard.
  • Diversifying the service offering: by adding specialised welding solutions, mobile lifting and valve services, pressure and pump testing services
  • Commissioning equipment the company has purchased and will start offering on-site machining and welding services, effectively improving its reach
  • Realising the company’s 5-year strategy: which includes focusing on client and market diversification as well as improving the company's’ success in tendering on a continuous basis
  • Becoming a global leak device testing partner: by securing the company’s status as an approved distributor for a new innovative leak testing equipment which improves safety and accuracy of working with and monitoring high-pressure valves and pumps
Current Markets
  • The company serves critical service providers in South Africa, including power generation and water supply/purification companies and institutions.
  • The company has governmental maintenance contracts for valve and pump repairs for several coal fired power stations in the Mpumalanga region and beyond.