Customised vehicle transport solutions with enviable growth

South Africa
Client Code: BN000041886
Turnover (Forecast): R69,930,363
EBITDA (Forecast): R14,316,228

This Group offers customer-focused transport solutions, blending standardised and customised services as needed, to transport any motor vehicle, in any condition, between any locations across South Africa. This integrated capability results from the extensive fleet of vehiclemoving assets with differentiating IP: the in-house developed and tailor-made planning and control system for accurate forecasting and planning, and the specialised equipment to facilitate the loading and off-loading of non-motorised and non-running vehicles. The Group has been operating for 13 years, and excels in the complex distribution of bulk loads, with delivery to multiple destinations

Key Aspects
  • Strong growth in revenue and margins over the years.
  • Integrated capability from multiple modes of vehicle transport including auto carriers, rollbacks, and self-drive to successfully effect any door-to-door delivery.
  • Extensive asset base of the transport fleet, specialised equipment to load vehicles, and customised trailers.
  • Continuous market demand from proven capabilities.
  • National footprint with depots in DBN, JHB and CPT, aided by a panel of service providers across South Africa.
  • Accurate forecasting using the tailor-made IT system enables fast, accurate quoting and guaranteed delivery dates.
  • Excellent customer service: in-person assistance with flexible solutions for varying transport types, destinations, schedules, types of vehicles to be moved, and storage needs.
  • Agile mindset: fit-for-purpose operating systems and trained staff can quickly adapt to changes in schedules, loads and destinations.
  • Significant barriers to entry include the start up costs for the asset base, long-standing relationships and strategic partnerships, and knowledgeable and experienced staff.
  • All revenue streams have opportunities for growth; some opportunities have already been initiated.
  • Launching the new Cape Town depot to expand into the Western Cape.
  • New product development of enclosed transport carriers will open a new market for greater protection of expensive cars or open vehicles.
  • Increased marketing reach using AI tools for improved SEO and automated targeted marketing; expanding into e-commerce.
  • Expand customer base: target more corporate companies that have a national footprint, OEMs, car rental companies, trailer manufacturers, and repatriations of vehicles through motor call centres.
  • Increase efficiencies within existing routes for better profitability. • Expand the fleet to meet the continually growing market demand.
  • The Group is headquartered in Durban, South Africa, with branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town. 
Current Markets
  • Motor dealers and wholesalers, private customers and logistics companies make up 78% of customer revenue, with salvage and spares companies and finance corporates contributing a further 11%.
  • Customer retention rate over the last five years: 89%
  • Customers appreciate the company culture of service excellence, and 'we will make it happen for you' attitude. The focus on personalised service means that both private and commercial customers are comfortable to work with the Group, trusting it with their most valuable assets.