Revolutionising Financial Markets Through Blockchain Compliance and Infrastructure.

South Africa
Other Information Technology; Software
Client Code: BN000043595
Turnover (Forecast): R197,350,000
EBITDA (Forecast): R66,740,173

Specialising in the development and maintenance of blockchain-based systems for financial institutions, this financial technology powerhouse has an unyielding focus on compliance. It collaborates closely with regulators and standard-setting bodies to future-proof next-gen financial services. Serving a diverse range of financial clients, from leading Banks to FinTech startups, the firm is uniquely positioned to lead a seismic shift toward blockchain adoption in the financial landscape. The rapid scaling and significant pipeline of capital projects make this a prime investment opportunity.

Key Aspects
  • Unrivalled Regulatory Acumen: Built on a foundation of stringent compliance for assured market success.
  • Expertise in Compliant Fintech Development: Specialises in crafting compliant fintech solutions.
  • Pioneer in R&D Collaborations: Validated expertise through milestone R&D projects with governing bodies.
  • Reputational Capital as a Competitive Edge: Earned unmatched industry reputation for a competitive advantage.
  • Trailblazer in Blockchain Adoption: Influenced policy to unlock blockchain for mainstream financial adoption.
  • Robust Project Pipeline: Engaged in landmark projects with leading banks, with more in the pipeline.
  • Scalability with Precision: Offers a defendable plan to expand operations and meet growing demand.
  • Adaptive Technology Frameworks: Agile platforms that evolve with industry needs, enabling rapid innovation and responsiveness.
  • Untapped Commercialisation Avenues: Holds untapped potential for technology commercialisation.
  • Transformative Growth Phase: Poised for explosive growth with a strong pipeline of capital projects and a favourable regulatory landscape.
  • Growing Market Demand: With top banks in South Africa on the cusp of deploying their blockchain solutions, the market demand is more than theoretical—it's imminent.
  • Capacity Scaling: The only gap in dominating the blockchain solutions space is scalable operational capacity. Investment is targeted to fill this gap. The opportunity to invest in top-tier talent that will drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.
  • Market Expansion: With the right capital infusion, there's a significant opportunity to enter new markets and broaden the customer base, effectively scaling the business.
  • Commercial Scaling: Investment will be funnelled into research and development, offering a gateway to refine existing services and develop new, high-margin offerings, thereby achieving commercial scaling.
Current Markets
  • Central Banks & Regulatory Bodies: Instrumental in aiding with Real-Time Gross Settlement systems and Common Monetary Area platforms, enhancing operational robustness and efficiency.
  • Commercial Banks & Financial Infrastructure Providers: Services facilitate the integration of Payment Schemes, Centralised Securities Depositories, and Trade Repositories, among others.
  • Financial Service Providers & FinTechs: Supports a broad array of market participants, from telecom operators to insurance providers, enabling them to deliver innovative financial services.