Fintech company specializing in fully automated data-driven credit solutions

Western Cape, South Africa
Financial; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000043840
Turnover (Forecast): R212,766,775
EBITDA (Forecast): R46,840,693

A fully automated online consumer finance company specializes in providing effective credit products. The process is entirely self-service with no human intervention from start to finish of application. The company has long-term relationships with blue-chip suppliers of operational banking and DebiCheck services and has recently developed a new range of products that will allow it to monetize its customer base further through targeted insurance offers. 

Key Aspects
  • Highly-skilled management team with decades of experience in the South African finance and lending landscape
  • Fully-automated and objective credit decisioning performed through advanced risk assessment strategies
  • Long-term relationships with blue-chip suppliers of operational banking and DebiCheck services
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) powered infrastructure with exceptional potential for scale, supporting lower capital expenditure thanks to cloud-based software
  • Real-time access to customers’ financial information and bank transactional data through partnership with blue-chip organizations such as Transunion, giving the company a highly-predictive insight into customers’ financial behaviour to optimize credit decisioning
  • High-speed services with an average turnaround of 10 minutes, from application to account deposit, giving the company an enormous competitive edge 
  • Developing a new product which will allow the company to monetise its base of declined customers through targeted insurance offers
  • Offering larger loan values and extended payment terms to the company’s lowest-risk clients, enabling significant loan book grow
  • Leveraging a large POPIA compliant database to up-sell or cross-sell new products and offerings
  • Expanding the company's market presence throughout South Africa through targeted marketing and sales campaigns
  • Re-launching the company's virtual card by partnering and integrating with payment card networks and other banks
  • Expanding the company’s offering by adding embedded insurance and device financing solutions 
  • The company is headquartered in the Western Cape, South Africa.