Gain immediate access to a national telecoms operator, to actualise multiple growth opportunities.

South Africa
Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000043899
Turnover (Forecast): R24,545,000
EBITDA (Forecast): R6,270,189

Our client is a multi-stack software engineering company that provides niche telecomms operational support system (OSS) services. Telecoms operators invest in, roll out, manage, and operate network infrastructures and for this, they need specialised software systems - the OSS - which automate the connecting of customers to networks and fixing faults. Our client's specialised software engineering team works in deep collaboration with the telco, and is embedded within the customer teams to design, develop, test, maintain and support these mission-critical software systems to enable necessary business processes.

Key Aspects
  • Investing in or acquiring our client will provide a beachhead into a national telecoms operator.
  • Leverage the software engineering team's extensive knowledge of the telecom operator's business processes, systems frameworks and patterns, application architectures and development process, with decades of experience and expertise.
  • A ‘big brother’ company is required to unlock opportunities in this national corporate, leveraging our client's many years of being a trusted partner with a proven history of service delivery.
  • Willing customer: knowing their systems are outdated, the telco is proactively trying to modernise their technology.
  • The opportunity is ripe for a digital transformation specialist to enter, take over our client's team, and take advantage of presented cross-selling opportunities.
  • OSS transformation is needed and the opportunity exists to replace or rewrite the software suite, or a combination of the two. 
  • History has shown a continual and significant demand for services as there is much transformation work to be done, as well as the potential for a new managed services model.
  • Our client's team is key for their technical expertise and deep understanding of the telco's systems and operations; the team could be leveraged for the digital transformation work required.
  • Using these digital transformation services as a beachhead, insight into key OSS or business service systems within the national telco can be understood and responded to.
  • Using this digital transformation as a proven case study in the telecoms OSS niche, an acquirer could perform managed services or legacy transformation to customers in the global market.
  • Provide synergistic business services, such as managed service offerings, and a broad variety of other IT services.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa.