A leading manufacturer and supplier of low voltage electrical assemblies.

Coastal region, South Africa
Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000045010
Turnover (Forecast): R93,815,079
EBITDA (Forecast): R16,138,950

A leading manufacturer of low voltage electrical assemblies; offering a full turnkey solution from design to final panel assembly on site and testing. The assemblies are 100% locally manufactured to local and international standards. The company manufacture and supply low voltage electrical assemblies to a variety of customers in a range of industries throughout Africa and Australasia, and as far as Europe and the UAE. As a SANS/IEC 61439 accredited supplier, coupled with over 3 decades in the industry, the company guarantees the highest quality, competency and expertise at all times.

Key Aspects
  • Established brand with over 30 years in operations.
  • Loyal customer base including blue chip companies.
  • Proven track record with diverse projects in challenging environments across Africa, Australasia, Europe and the UAE.
  • Reputation for high-quality service delivery.
  • Highly skilled workforce and commitment to staff development.
  • Turnkey solutions with full in-house manufacturing plant, also offering containerised MCC solutions.
  • Relevant registrations and accreditations – the company has it's own SANS IEC accredited range of assemblies.
  • Medium voltage assemblies - the company has the means and equipment required to pursue the supply medium voltage assemblies.
  • MCC container solutions - after having successfully implemented the MCC container solutions, the company is looking to grow this offering, anticipating ever increasing demand for moveable substations and control rooms.
  • Accreditations - although not a mandatory type test, the recent addition of the TR61641 accreditation has opened the door to clients who require a test report for assemblies under arcing fault conditions.
  • Expansion into current & other industries - ample opportunity exists for growth through placing more focus on under serviced industries.
  • Increasing the service offering - the company has the required knowledge, skills and networks to expand the current service offering.
Current Markets
  • The company services a variety of customers across a range of different industries with the potential to expand into other industries as well as continue to grab market share within industries already serviced.