Leading aftermarket auto parts company, specializing in exterior vehicle parts for spare shops, auto-garages and other industries

Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000047508
Turnover (Advised): $10,517,772
EBITDA (Advised): $1,168,641

Our client is a leading aftermarket auto parts company in Eastern Africa, specializing in exterior vehicle parts for spare shops, auto-garages and other industries in Kenya. With a strong presence in the market, the company is supported by a well-equipped distribution center. The company's disruptive approach has transformed the industry by formalizing operations and establishing a network of retail stores nationwide. With its strong market presence, diverse product range, and commitment to customer service, the company is poised for sustained growth and success in the dynamic automotive market.

Key Aspects
  • Strong market presence with branches across Kenya, supported by a distribution center in Nairobi.
  • Disruptive approach by formalizing the aftermarket auto parts industry and operating retail stores nationwide, moving away from traditional mom-and-pop setups.
  • Prioritizes exceptional customer service. They strive to serve customers faster, both in-store and through various communication channels such as WhatsApp messages.
  • Fully integrated ERP system with data mining capabilities to ensure relevant parts are stocked and minimize stockouts.
  • Extensive product range of over 35,000 SKUs, making them a go-to name for customers.
  • Advanced forecasting, business intelligence, and market analysis techniques to effectively manage their inventory.
  • Delivery app for tracking deliveries, monitoring last-mile delivery, and measuring delivery performance.
  • Expanding the geographical footprint by potentially opening a new branch in Mombasa to expand the customer base and increase revenues.
  • Establishing a new distribution center in Nairobi for improved stock management and faster order dispatch.
  • Exploring opportunities for synergy and growth through potential acquisition of a well-established truck spare parts company to cross-sell products and expand the customer base. 
  • Joining a buying group to negotiate favorable terms with factories, benefit from bulk buying advantages, and gain access to a wider range of products. 
  • Investment in enhancing the ERP system by adding warehouse management and stock optimization software which will allow the company to make data-driven decisions, accurately forecast demand, and ensure efficient utilization of warehouse space. 
Current Markets
  • The company serves the wholesale market, providing auto parts to garages, shop owners, and other businesses. 
  • The company also operates a retail network across the country, with multiple branches in Nairobi and other locations. 
  • Customers have the option to visit the retail outlets or purchase products online through their fully functional B2C website.