Distributor of antennas and related services, such as installations, for all applicable industry verticals across Africa

Gauteng, South Africa
Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000050850
Turnover (Forecast): R52,400,000
EBITDA (Forecast): R2,990,000

The Company is a distributor of antennas and related services across Africa. The Company supplies a wide array of industries with full turnkey solutions for antenna, router, and repeater products, installations, testing, and maintenance. The Company also stands to further enhance profit margins by launching its own line of repeaters and is currently focused on working towards a project involving large-scale repeater installations for major South African Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

Key Aspects
  • Established relationships with all MNOs in South Africa, having completed installations for most
  • Long list of successful completed projects to showcase expertise in supplying telecommunications services to many industry verticals
  • Extensive range of products, including antennas, signal boosters, routers, cables, repeaters, and many more
  • Licensed with ICASA to install and possess radio frequency transmitting equipment, such as cellular repeaters
  • Continentwide footprint, having done work in multiple African countries
  • Set to launch own line of repeaters to significantly increase profit margins, outsourcing product design and manufacturing
  • Ongoing benefits of being first to receive high-quality antennas and related products from key suppliers, consistently focused on expanding product and solution ranges
  • Outdoor repeater installations with mobile operators, a long-term and highly profitable project that has just been initiated
  • Long-standing relationships with customers in a multitude of markets, ranging from mining and telecommunications to retail
  • The Company is headquartered in Gauteng, with a satellite branch in Cape Town. The Company mainly services South Africa but has provided products for several countries around Africa.
Current Markets
  • Our client works with a wide range of clients across several industry verticals, including offices of all sizes, banks, factories, etc. Most business is derived from clients implementing projects rather than buying products.
  • The Company has fostered relationships with all MNOs in South Africa and has provided turnkey antenna installation solutions to most of these MNOs.