Leading Ethiopia-based market and social research firm, specialising in comprehensive data collection utilising advanced technology

Business Services
Client Code: BN000050868
Turnover (Advised): $2,793,103
EBITDA (Advised): $614,483

Our client is a prominent Ethiopian research firm, providing fully fledged research and advisory services to large corporate clients requiring different market and social researches. The Company has established itself as a well-known and trusted partner to a diverse client base across Ethiopia as well as internationally, in numerous industries including FMCG, financial services, energy, technology, agriculture, education and health sectors. Expertise extends to a range of research solutions, including 360-degree market research solutions implementing both qualitative and quantitative researches, as well as research design and analysis services.

Key Aspects
  • Deep expertise in research with decades of experience in consumer and market research, and social research by providing technical advisory, field & tab, and analysis services
  • Comprehensive market research solutions, including social research such as opinion, health, agriculture, education and impact assessments
  • Strong market relationships with a diverse corporate client base operating in the FMCG, financial services, energy, technology and healthcare sectors, as well as multinational research agencies
  • Highly efficient operations, guaranteeing timely data collection through a workforce equipped with hundreds of cell phones and tablets and hundreds of part-time staff and experts
  • Strategic location, headquartered in Addis Ababa, operating from a central office
  • Market expansion, capitalising on the increasing demand for research services in Ethiopia
  • Diversification of services into omnibus studies and panels, catering to additional clients with limited budgets, providing a more cost-effective research solution and further widening its client base
  • Leverage technology for more efficient data collection, analysis and real-time information distribution
  • Growing partnerships to expand and reinforce collaborations with research associations
Current Markets
  • There is a well-established client base of both local and international clients with a base in Ethiopia. Most clients are substantial, well-known businesses that have established a considerable market presence across Ethiopia.
  • The Company also has multinational research agencies, working with them on different research needs, including data collection and analysis.
  • Maintenance contracts are used, spanning retail audits, brand health tracking, innovation studies and more.
  • The Company also operates directly with clients without the need for intermediaries.