Industrial water management consultants and suppliers of water treatment, hardware and software solutions

Gauteng, South Africa
Environmental, Waste & Recycling
Client Code: BN000045912
Turnover (Forecast): R21,939,116
EBITDA (Forecast): R2,984,627

Our client, founded by experienced water chemists and engineers, focuses on comprehensive industrial water management by addressing its impact on various industrial processes. The Company offers preventative measurement services for the likes of deposits, corrosion and micro biofouling in production facilities. The Company also positions itself as a water consulting company supplying specialty chemicals, dosing equipment and engineering services to customers making use of water for industrial purposes.

Key Aspects
  • Innovative online water monitoring solution provided through technologically advanced, in-house developed software
  • Widespread customer base of blue-chip and major corporates spread across multiple industries throughout South Africa
  • Comprehensive services over the entire water treatment lifecycle, from consulting to water treatment plant supply and operation, including innovative monitoring solutions
  • Extensive portfolio of successful projects showcasing a successful track record of solving diverse water management challenges
  • Wide range of water treatment services, including preventing deposits, corrosion, and micro biofouling in production plants, and managing the quality of all types of water
  • Official distributor for leading international brands, granting access to a wide range of water treatment solutions, technologies and support
  • Several extended-term SLAs with customers, generating recurring revenue
  • Positioned to profit from the mining industry in South Africa’s forecast growth and its continued need for specialized water management services and consulting
  • Highly qualified staff primed to continue the Company’s success, with degrees in chemistry and in-depth technical knowledge
  • Expertise in a niche, specialized market segment, managing the impact of water on production, productivity, safety, environmental constraints, efficiency and profitability
  • Access to world-class specialty products in water impact management in industrial processes
  • The Company’s headquarters are situated in Gauteng.
Current Markets
  • The Company establishes itself as a customer’s ongoing water consultant, reliable for the correct products, advanced technology and extensive services, supported by water chemists and engineers.
  • The Company operates in a specialized market segment with increasing needs for service and solutions.