Supplier of white beans and popcorn to distributors across South Africa, specializing in planting, harvesting, processing, and packing

South Africa
Consumer, Food & Retail
Client Code: BN000048590
Turnover (Forecast): R265,124,000
EBITDA (Forecast): R19,825,980

The Company specializes in the planting, harvesting, processing, and packing of white bean and popcorn. The Company maintains longstanding relationships with distributors across South Africa, with select products exported to international markets. The Company has a history of experience in the industry of popcorn kernels for human consumption and is a well-established market leader in white bean production. To meet growing demand from the local market for white beans, the Company is now nearing completion on another large factory to add to the current facilities.

Key Aspects
  • Specialization in planting, harvesting, processing, and packing select types of seed for local and international markets
  • Building a large factory to meet rapidly increasing demand from suppliers, increasing operations and storage space
  • Market leader in white bean production combined with 25 years’ experience in the popcorn industry
  • Handling all aspects of the cultivation and processing of popcorn, including cleaning, packaging, and expansion ratio evaluations (determining how much corn pops at a certain temperature)
  • Headquartered in a prime location for agricultural companies
  • Member of the South African Seed Organization, the National Designated Authority for seed certification in South Africa
  • Special relationship with suppliers and farmers, assisting with finance and mentoring wherever and whenever needed
  • Market leadership and diversified product portfolio (white beans, and popcorn) offer an opportunity to capitalize on an established market position
  • Established distribution networks through relationships with South African distributors that export select products internationally
  • Opportunity to capitalize on the growing market demand and further expand production with the upcoming warehouse expansion
  • Access to network of reliable farmers, with whom the Company holds highly valued and long-standing relationships
  • Potential for diversification of crops offered by leveraging pre-existing facilities already equipped to handle corn, beans, soya, and sunflower seeds
  • The Company is based in Limpopo, South Africa.
Current Markets
  • The Company's longstanding relationship as an exclusive supplier for a consumer goods company will be further prioritized from 2024, when production of maize seed will be halted to leverage increased operations from the new factory to upscale white bean production further.
  • Suppliers and farmers are paid for each total harvest received within 30 days of delivery to the factory, directly from where customers then receive the seed.
  • Contracts have been regularly renewed with customers for more than 20 years. The Company's business is made up 100% of repeat business from loyal clients.