Electrical wholesaler servicing major motor manufacturers, power generators, general contractors and retail customers

East London, South Africa
Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000048950
Turnover (Forecast): R262,082,852
EBITDA (Forecast): R21,387,844

Our client is a leading electrical wholesaler supplying primarily B2B contractors servicing major motor manufacturers, power generators, schools, hospitals, and general construction in East London and surrounding areas. The Company offers a range of product categories including electrical, cable & wire, lighting, renewable energy, switches & sockets, high voltage switchgear and more.

Key Aspects
  • Leading electrical wholesaler supplying customers in East London and surrounding areas
  • Primarily B2B customer base and facing no customer concentration risks
  • More than 300 diverse and essential clients, including large motor manufacturers, schools, hospitals and others
  • Successful tendering for numerous government contracts in the Eastern Cape
  • Supported by a strong team of highly qualified staff with substantial combined technical expertise
  • Expansion into new geographical markets establishing branches across South Africa
  • Hydro-electric power station rumoured to be coming online in the area
  • Mercedes Benz production plant expansion upcoming
  • Diversification of product portfolio to align with market trends and emerging technologies
  • Growing digital presence and marketing to enhance the Company's visibility nationwide
  • The Company is located in East London servicing customers in East London and surrounding areas.
Current Markets
  • 90% customer retention rate with major customers having been with the Company for many years.
  • Management monitor credit applications carefully maintaining bad debts at negligible levels historically.
  • The Company has grown its revenue with minimal marketing efforts and employs no external sales staff.