A Leading Industrial Products Manufacturer and Distributor in Southern Africa

South Africa
Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000050495
Turnover (Actual): R292,740,344
EBITDA (Actual): R20,261,344

Acquire a leading force in Southern Africa's industrial products sector. With almost 30 years of operational excellence, the company manufactures and distributes a diverse range of nonwoven materials catering to industries such as automotive, construction, agriculture, and household white goods. Leveraging advanced technology and innovative manufacturing processes, the company has established itself domestically and internationally. Its emphasis on sustainability and quality, along with strategically located branches, positions the company to capitalize on global demand for energy-saving technologies, including insulation products.

Key Aspects
  • Well-established company serving Southern African industry.
  • Broad geographical footprint with national presence and consistent exporting activity
  • Full ownership of highly-regarded thermal insulation brands
  • Secure procurement pipeline including fabric waste collection systems and long-term supplier relationships
  • Diverse product portfolio, fostering a strong, varied market presence
  • Multifaceted distribution strategy, including site delivery, collection and retail distribution
  • Accredited member of Thermal Insulation Products & Systems Association (TIPSASA)
  • Highly skilled workforce with comprehensive rare skills enabling in-house research and development
  • Added security against cheaper imports due to the high cost of transporting nonwoven fabrics long-distance
  • Market Leadership: Acquire a renowned player in the nonwoven industrial product industry with demonstrated operational excellence and a strong presence in both domestic and international markets.
  • Strategic Asset Base: Acquire an extensive asset base with long useful life and advanced manufacturing capabilities, positioning the acquirer at the forefront of the industry.
  • Diverse Product Portfolio: Benefit from an expansive and diversified product range that appeals to multiple industries, offering resilience and growth potential across various market segments.
  • Brand Ownership: Acquire ownership of esteemed thermal insulation brands¬†
  • Quality Assurance: Benefit from the company's comprehensive quality systems and adherence to best industry practices to ensure product excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • Experienced Workforce: Gain access to a highly skilled and long-serving workforce with deep industry knowledge, enhancing operational efficiency and fostering continuous innovation.
  • Sustainability Focus: Capitalise on the company's dedication to environmental responsibility, recycling leadership, and circular economy practices to enhance brand reputation and align with global sustainability trends.
Current Markets
  • Industrial and Consumer Applications: From agricultural nonwoven fabrics for crop protection and automotive composites for interior fittings to blankets suitable for various utilities, including pet care and transportation protection. The company's products cater to a wide array of industrial and everyday needs.
  • Home and Commercial Furnishings: Offering a comprehensive range for home and commercial interiors, the company produces flooring solutions like carpet underfelt, upholstery materials, and mattress components, enhancing comfort and functionality across living and working spaces.
  • Specialised Fabrics: Serving specialised markets including apparel, filtration, and quilting. These materials are designed with varying weights, thickness, and resilience to suit specific applications, ranging from jacket linings to commercial HVAC filters.
Real Estate
  • The company has manufacturing and distribution facilities in three major cities in South Africa; one is owned by a related party and also available for purchase.