Jewellery e-commerce brand specialising in investment gold jewellery and 24Kt platinum

Gauteng, South Africa
Client Code: BN000051997
Turnover (Forecast): R69,660,956
EBITDA (Forecast): R2,606,334

The Company is a niche player specialising in high-purity investment gold and platinum jewellery. The distinctiveness lies in offering a gold investment alternative that one can wear, offering a far more intrinsically valuable product to a jewellery customer. The Company boasts a strong growing order book, offering wearable investments that appreciate over time. Quick responses to increases in demand are enabled by automated online ordering processes and easily scaling its manufacturing capacity from suppliers.

Key Aspects
  • Hybrid distribution model catering to both B2C and wholesale markets
  • Undiluted purity of product with gold and platinum jewellery both hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • Wholesale cost base in South Africa that exports to the USA
  • Pieces sold by weight with a minimum weight guarantee under a transparent pricing model
  • Customers buy, sell, and track their wearable bullion investment as its value appreciates over time
  • Buyback option offered to customers allowing them to sell their jewellery back to the Company at prevailing gold prices
  • B2C side of business drives direct access to data insights and maintain full brand control
  • Establish Head Office in the USA to enhance local insights, operational efficiency, and market share
  • Target new markets, focusing on more regions within the USA, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE
  • Increase digital ad spend for enhanced B2B and B2C focus, leveraging Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)
  • Diversify product ranges and capitalize on specialised collections to meet diverse customer preferences
  • Leverage automation and technology for streamlined production and operations online
  • The Company is headquartered in South Africa, with a transactional base in the USA. The Company services clients across America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Current Markets
  • The customer base is made up of investors and individuals seeking high-purity gold and platinum jewellery, located across the USA, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland, and the UAE.
  • The Company has strategically penetrated wholesale channels through collaborations with renowned bullion dealers.