Specialised logistics provider with over 25-years' experience in chemical transportation

South Africa
Consumer, Food & Retail; Transportation
Client Code: BN000052150
Turnover (Actual): R50,740,714
EBITDA (Actual): R13,356,040

The Company specialises in the transportation of hazardous chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, sulphuric acid, ferric chloride, caustic soda and chlorine. The Company has approval through the Safety and Quality Assessment System for the Chemical Industry to transport dangerous goods. It holds a strong order book, constantly expanding its loyal customer base. All staff are provided extensive training in hazardous goods handling. The Company operates a preventative maintenance model, ensuring transport equipment remains in optimal condition and that no cross-contamination takes place

Key Aspects
  • Specialist in hazardous chemical transportation: Covering a range of chemicals with dedicated tankers to prevent cross-contamination and product integrity.
  • Strong market reputation: Built over 25 years of operating in the chemical transportation industry.
  • Strategic positioning: With operations in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe, located near major chemical suppliers and transport routes.
  • Continuous (preventative) maintenance and quality assurance: Processes ensure plant & equipment reliability.
  • Customer-centric service offering: To meet customer expectations and build long-term relationships.
  • Extensive staff training: In handling dangerous goods, fire safety and emergency procedures, adhering to rigorous industry safety standards.
  • Growing the fleet: Increase capacity and opportunity by purchasing additional vehicles and tankers, and hiring additional drivers.
  • Service offering expansion: into nitric acid, aluminium chloral hydrate coagulant and sulphuric acid transportation.
  • Geographic expansion: Additional depots in KwaZulu Natal will provide access to a widely untapped market.
  • Introduce smaller vehicles: Cater to smaller requests with 5,000-10,000-litre tanks. This will open a new market segment therefore, providing more opportunities to capitalise on.

The Company is located in Vanderbijlpark, close to major chemical suppliers and key transport routes.

Current Markets
  • Water purification: Chemicals such as ferric chloride and caustic soda are essential to the water treatment process. Municipalities and water treatment plants use these chemicals to purify safe drinking water supplied to communities.
  • Mining: Uses sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid for various processes, including ore refining and metal extraction.
  • The Company serves a wide range of industrial applications. Chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite and liquid chlorine are used in industrial cleaning, sanitation and manufacturing processes across various sectors.