Invest in a well-known and highly regarded franchise group of Italian restaurants, with a food manufacturing division for retail supply.

Cape Town, with a satellite office in Johannesburg.
Consumer, Food & Retail
Client Code: BN000052446
Turnover (Actual): R30,705,791
EBITDA (Actual): R10,544,300

Our client is a franchisor supporting multiple franchisee Italian restaurants. The brand is well-known and highly regarded, with a proven reputation for excellence from decades of supplying much-loved, high quality Italian food. The franchisee restaurants are supported through set-up, training, marketing and business services by the franchisor. As a result, the restaurants are effective in crafting authentic, quality, Italian dishes, establishing the company as a favourite in the Southern African restaurant sector. A food manufacturing division further extends the franchisor’s services and supply offering, producing fresh ready meals for the retail market. 

Key Aspects
  • Excellent profit margins
  • Well known for supportive relations with franchisees, invested in their success
  • Provide comprehensive support, strategic partnerships with suppliers, and meticulous control over product quality - all pivotal to the company’s success
  • Large and growing number of franchises
  • Multiple income streams from the franchising business model, supplier menu listings, rebates from the franchise group suppliers, and product manufacturing for sale in retail outlets
  • Strong and established brand that appeals to a large and diverse consumer market
  • Significant barriers to entry exist in establishing a new restaurant franchise brand
  • Quality food manufacturing, supplying high-end retailers with fresh products and enjoying strong year-on-year growth 
  • All revenue streams have opportunities for growth
  • Franchises:increasing the number of franchises across Southern Africa
  • leveraging technology to facilitate training, monitoring and support for franchisees
  • growing brand loyalty through diversifying customer experiences
  • Food manufacturing:increasing volumes within national retail chains to serve the growing market demand
  • growing the number of retailers stocking the products, with a strong focus on entering the Gauteng market
  • diversifying into other fresh or frozen food products
  • expanding production capabilities and scale
Current Markets
  • Italian food appeals to people of all ages, cultures, and stages of life, so there is a consistently high demand.
  • Franchisee restaurants are located in the Western Cape, KZN, Gauteng, and two other African countries.
  • Food manufacturing is currently for retailers within the Western Cape, with the intention to expand into the larger Gauteng market.