Specialist in product sourcing, engineering and fabrication solutions for mining and industrial projects across Africa

Gauteng, South Africa
Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000052790
Turnover (Forecast): R65,587,972
EBITDA (Forecast): R5,747,100

The Company specialises in sourcing, engineering, and fabrication solutions for mining and industrial projects across Africa. Suppliers and fabricators are coordinated with to offer a diverse range of products, including concrete, steel, and plastic products, as well as quality assurance services. The Company has obtained vendor accreditation with individual mines, enabling participation in tenders and securing projects within the highly competitive mining and industrial sector.

Key Aspects
  • Specialised sourcing, engineering, and fabrication solutions provided to mining and industrial projects throughout Africa
  • Vendor number accreditation enabling tendering and project opportunities in the mining industry
  • Diverse product offering including concrete embedments, steel products, plastic piping and more
  • Zero back claims over the last 15 years
  • Predominantly export-driven earning hard currency from its primary customer base in Southern and Central Africa
  • Gaining accreditations with new mines, fostering growth in SADC regions such as Zambia, Madagascar, and the DRC
  • Expanding its footprint, opening branches in Zambia and the DRC, where export markets are already established
  • Diversifying and developing additional export markets in currently un-serviced countries across Africa
  • Continued collaboration with suppliers and fabricators offers flexibility and scalability to respond to increased customer demand
  • The Company is headquartered in Gauteng, exporting its products across the continent, particularly in Central and Southern Africa.
  • The customer base is primarily spread across Gabon, the DRC, Zambia, and Madagascar.
Current Markets
  • The Company serves a diverse customer base within the mining and industrial sectors across the African continent. The Company’s vendor numbers enable it to actively participate in tenders for projects across Africa.
  • A 100% customer retention rate for the past five years has been maintained, indicating its high-quality, reliable service and effective communication.