Specialised water chemical and cat litter supplier, supplying a diverse customer base throughout Australia

Consumer, Food & Retail; Environmental, Waste & Recycling; Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000054444
Turnover (Audited): $9,040,507
EBITDA (Audited): $1,217,102

The Group provides a wide range of chemical solutions to residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors, with its customer base spanning commercial, pool retail, industrial and agricultural water treatment and pet-related markets. A related entity is a specialised manufacturer of softwood clumping cat litter and plays a pivotal role in the evolution of the Company’s product portfolio, contributing to the diversified offerings in the various markets served.

Key Aspects
  • Specialised chemical products including a comprehensive range of swimming pool chemicals, catering to the commercial and retail pool markets, as well as the industrial sectors.
  • Consistent revenue streams split between the commercial, residential pool, industrial and pet care market sectors.
  • Key customer relationships with prominent entities.
  • Strategic market positioning in the water treatment space, combined with access to supermarket listings through the cat litter part of business, presents opportunities for growth.
  • Operational flexibility, allowing the Company to scale operations up quickly, in response to increasing market demands.
  • Expand geographically further into Australia and develop and grow the current Western Australian platform.
  • Target water authorities, pool retailers, mass merchants, commercial customers, and agricultural customers in expanded states.
  • Diversify the product portfolio with a focus on robotic pool cleaners, pool automation and agricultural systems.
  • Utilise the modular cat litter factory for global export channels, facilitating production anywhere in the world.
  • Develop own exclusive brands for retailers and explore new product opportunities, including a different style of cat litter using a common raw material with minimal capital expense.
Current Markets
  • The Company has built a loyal regional sub-distributor network and enjoys strong support from key agricultural sectors.
  • Through the related entity, the Company extends its market reach with unique products like softwood clumping cat litter, which has garnered listings in major supermarkets.
  • Strategic market positioning and operational flexibility enable it to effectively meet the needs of its customers while maintaining steady revenue streams throughout the year.