Water development and environmental consultants, specialised in the management of water resources in Southern Africa

Southern Africa
Construction; Environmental, Waste & Recycling; Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000054497
Turnover (Advised): $2,758,621
EBITDA (Advised): $344,828

The Company provides specialised consultancy services for the investigation, development and management of water resources. The business focuses on urban and rural water supply and sanitation programs, hydrogeological surveys, technical training, groundwater surveys, drilling supervision and borehole assessment. Additionally, the Company collaborates with international senior consultants and highly trained local staff, to cater to a diverse customer base, including government institutions, development partners, private companies, residential, industrial, agricultural and NGO/UN development sectors

Key Aspects
  • Diverse expertise and services: Specialists in water resources investigations, development and management, providing engineering solutions to a wide range of water supply problems and challenges
  • International experience and collaboration: Shareholders collaborate with international senior consultants and local staff trained in best practices
  • Comprehensive client base: Including government entities, industries, developers, the private sector, homeowners, farms and NGOs
  • Financial stability and funding: Ongoing funding from international donors, development partners and the Dutch government
  • Technological advancements: Utilisation of advanced technology for data collection, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping and hydrogeological surveys
  • Tailored hydrogeological solutions: Addressing client needs through the study of available ground and surface water resources, assessment of sustainable water supply options and appropriate design solutions
  • Growth in African water sector: Economic growth driving demand, along with infrastructure development initiatives
  • Gas exploration projects: Gas deposits in Mozambique provide a demand for water-related services in extraction processes
  • Funded contracts and future projects: Ongoing involvement in US Agency for International Development (USAID) funded projects, with prospects for additional contracts and partnerships
  • Expansion into new markets: Potential for expansion beyond Southern Africa into other regions with similar 
  • development needs
  • Collaboration with private sector entities: Joint ventures and Public-Private Partnerships in infrastructure projects to access expertise for large-scale projects
Current Markets
  • The Company collaborates with international NGOs, who fund and implement projects aimed at addressing water and environmental challenges in Southern Africa, as well as with local government projects in managing water resources.
  • The business also serves private sector clients, including engineering firms, drilling contractors and private landowners.
  • The Company engages with local communities, particularly in rural areas, where access to clean water and sanitation facilities is limited.
  • By conducting socio-economic surveys, the Company ensure that projects respond fully to the needs and priorities of the communities