Supplier of high-quality backend systems for ISPs, including voice, cloud, hosting, security and connectivity solutions

South Africa
Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000057032
Turnover (Management): R31,046,322
EBITDA (Management): R2,995,653

The Company specialises in high-quality backend systems for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs). Offerings include voice solutions, cloud services, hosting, advanced security and connectivity solutions designed to enhance customer operations and service offerings. With a robust infrastructure that includes data centres across South Africa and in London, the Company ensures clients receive superior connectivity and low latency. The Company provides scalable solutions, for all clients’ IT infrastructure needs.

Key Aspects
  • Comprehensive service offerings: A wide range of IT solutions including voice, cloud, hosting, security and connectivity solutions tailored for MSPs, ISPs and WISPs.
  • Robust infrastructure: Data centres operated in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and London, ensuring high-quality capacity and connectivity across networks.
  • Optimised connectivity: Specialising in low-latency routes, offering superior long-distance connectivity, particularly optimised for the South African market.
  • Tailored solutions: to fit specific client needs, ensuring optimised IT performance and comprehensive support through managed services and project-based IT consultancy.
  • Proactive and reactive support: Emphasis on proactive system monitoring and maintenance to prevent possible performance issues, with a reactive approach to swiftly resolve any IT issues
  • Market expansion: Significant potential to expand into new regions, targeting markets with a demand for specialised IT support products and services.
  • Product development: Develop new or build on existing products to broadening the service offering portfolio to meet evolving client needs.
  • Strategic partnerships: Collaborating and partnering with related service companies, leveraging combined strengths to enhance service offerings and market reach.
  • Customer retention and growth: Focusing on building and maintaining strong relationships with existing clients to further improve retention rates and increase referrals.
  • Investment in resources: Increasing staff, particularly in sales and technical roles will drive revenue for the Company.

South Africa