Global Provider of Pollutant Control Software and Hardware Including Proprietary Products

Software; Computer Hardware; IT Services
Client Code: BM020560
Revenue (TTM): $5,405,832
EBITDA (TTM): $1,017,681

The company provides software, hardware, and related service programs for dangerous pollutant emission management, while upholding mechanical reliability and environmental compliance standards.

Key Aspects
  • Product innovation with more than 22 years of operational experience
  • Easily scalable software platform in use with in-house staff to provide further development, customer service, and training
  • Ability to specifically configure certain product offerings for unique field applications
  • After-sales services offer recurring revenue opportunities for both software, hardware, training, and accessories through a dedicated e-commerce site
  • Expert knowledge of international distributorships with advantageous pricing
  • Continued geographic expansion throughout the United States and internationally with the growing marketplace
  • Invest in growing sales staff with focused efforts on international sales
  • Utilize the existing software platform for further support to overall data analytics and SaaS companies
  • Monitoring, inspections, emission measurements, and supporting documentation services will be required for emerging industrial technologies
  • Develop e-commerce sales through larger online retailers
  • Texas
Current Markets
  • The company provides pollutant control products and related services to a wide array of refineries, chemical plants, and industrial facilities throughout the United States as well as internationally.
Real Estate
  • The company operates from a 5,191 square-foot facility, leased from an affiliated entity. Ownership is open to the property being part of a transaction or leasing it post-sale.