Manufacturer and Distributor of Well Log Printers and Labeling Machines

Houston, Texas
Consumer Durables; Business & Professional Products
Client Code: BM002072
Revenue (Consolidated): $2,096,438
EBITDA (Consolidated): $602,031

The offering consists of two Canadian-based entities, which act as manufacturers, distributors, and service providers for printing, plotting, and labeling machines and complementary media hardware. The business operates from two locations, with the manufacturer located in Canada, and the distribution center located in Texas which delivers to resellers and customers worldwide.

Key Aspects
  • Full supply chain distributor of printing products from manufacture to distribution
  • Operations in two different countries with a diverse customer base in multiple different sectors
  • Recognized and established leader in print manufacturing
  • Printers are manufactured to tailor to the needs of highly specialized industries including oil and gas
  • Patents and industry knowledge form high barriers to entry
  • Expand product sales to further diversify customer base
  • Increase sales divisions to market to a wider audience
  • Open additional distribution locations in key regions to rapidly increase product sales
  • Partner with new resellers to increase worldwide sales
  • Open additional distribution locations in key markets to rapidly increase product sales
  • Utilizing innovative R&D to propel expansion into new markets with patented products.
  • Houston, Texas
  • Calgary, Alberta
Current Markets
  • The business primarily serves customers across the US but also has a large global presence with worldwide product fulfilment. The business serves various sectors with specialized focus in label and packaging and oil and gas industries.
Real Estate
  • The company operates from two leased facilities in Calgary, Alberta and Houston, Texas. The buildings are leased from unrelated third parties, and there is room to expand in both buildings.