Electronics Systems Integrator Creating Superb, Market-Leading Technology Systems

Southern Arizona
Consumer Durables
Client Code: BN000044216
Revenue (Internal): $1,790,088

The company specializes in the integration of a wide range of complex technology systems. Everything from a $1 million custom home automation system, to a 160,000 watt stadium sound system, to a sophisticated mass transit information system at the airport, from AV to pro audio and lighting design, if it involves technology, the company can execute it.

Key Aspects
  • Exceptional ability to integrate complex electronic equipment for high-performance and ease of use
  • Operating for over 35 years with an excellent reputation and well-established business model that sustains client satisfaction and client retention long after the point of sale
  • Authorized dealer with several key brand manufacturers
  • Unique project scope and scale offers high diversity that spans the residential, commercial, and professional markets as well as public and private sectors
  • Key supplier network, reliable connections to industry associations, and acute knowledge of the evolving global supply chain environment
  • Recent partnership with a national lighting design firm provides the unique ability to perform sophisticated home & commercial lighting designs, which represents one of the fastest-growing parts of the integration industry. The company is on the forefront at the movement.
  • Ownership confirms that the recent hiring of an aggressive national sales & marketing consultant, combined with a new, hard-hitting sales team should increase sales and market share significantly.
  • Partnership with a national 24/7 service organization gives the company the ability to provide 24/7 service, increasing RMR.
  • Recent company restructure resulting from a partnership with a national custom integration consultant company should result in increased profitability, according to ownership. 
  • Southern Arizona
Current Markets
  • The company serves a wide variety of builders, general contractors, and clients in the greater Southwest region seeking expertly designed, professionally managed, and efficiently integrated system in the residential, commercial, and professional markets.
Real Estate
  • The company operates from an 8,500 square foot facility in the Southwest U.S., which is leased from an unrelated third party. The lease is assumable by new ownership.