Specialists in performance influencer marketing with proprietary software platforms

South Africa and Mauritius
Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000040340
Turnover (Forecast): R96,739,423

This company is a niche marketing specialist enabling global brands, agencies and merchants to tap into the influencer and creator economy. Through a combination of robust SaaS (software-as-a-service) offerings and expert tailored services, the group executes marketing strategies across social platforms through qualified, popular influencers.

Key Aspects
  • Serving the entire value chain of the content economy, from influencers to agencies to brands, at all levels of the market
  • Proprietary software and services that make connections and manage relationships
  • Significant and growing database of content generators and influencers with immense brand-building power
  • Recurring subscription model with additional value-added services
  • Enabling brands and agencies across the world to benefit from accessing qualified, popular influencers at all levels
  • Highly skilled technical and marketing teams
  • Take advantage of a growing industry: The global influencer marketing platform industry is expected to grow from $6B in 2020 to $24B by 2024; a compound annual growth rate of 32%.
  • International growth through partner network: Expansion into international markets through partnering with digital marketing agencies operating in those territories.
  • The software arm of the group is headquartered in Mauritius, while the operational arm is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. The group services clients across South Africa and overseas, with a strong sales drive currently in South America. 
Current Markets
  • The group provides a niche service to large blue-chip brands, other advertising and marketing agencies as well as merchants.
  • With close to 400 customers serviced over the past five years, 178 active customers in the last month and the largest customer accounting for 14% of revenue, the group has a diverse customer base with minimal customer concentration risk.