Importer and distributor of domestic, commercial and industrial juicing and related products & equipment from top-quality international brands

Gauteng, South Africa
Consumer, Food & Retail
Client Code: BN000037868
Turnover (Forecast): R21,362,206
EBITDA (Forecast): R4,700,547

The Company imports and distributes an array of premium domestic, commercial, and industrial juicing equipment and consumer products sourced from around the world to a wide network of retailers, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and manufacturers. The Company holds exclusive distribution agreements with leading international manufacturers, and supplies most of its commercial and industrial equipment directly to businesses.

Key Aspects
  • Market leader in the juicing and related equipment industry, capitalizing on global market shifts toward healthy living trends
  • Extensive and widely applicable product range, with equipment used for processing fresh juices, smoothies, pulps, health shots, natural fertilisers, and more
  • Warranties on all equipment sold, facilitated by suppliers with no risk or financial impact faced by the Company
  • Capitalising on leading international suppliers rolling out new products & equipment that the Company brings to the South African market
  • Respected reputation in the market with experience as a one-stop-shop for a multitude of juicing equipment brands and products
  • Exclusive distribution rights held for several international suppliers of premium juicing equipment, poised for a buyer to use to acquire further distribution rights with blue-chip brands, opportunistically attracting further product representation
  • Diverse client base with a high customer retention rate, servicing food service, hospitality, retail, food & beverage manufacturing, and agri-processing, as well as providing an opportunity for an investor to push other products through these channels and capitalise on revenue growth
  • Opportunity to break into related markets such as coffee and ice-cream machines
  • Track record of expertise in developing complete factory solutions, from raw material processing through to final packaging, including blast freezing and high-pressure processing – valuable industry insights that can be built on to further develop future factory projects
  • The Company is based in Gauteng, South Africa.
Current Markets
  • The Company wins new customers primarily through referrals as a respected distributor in the market, dominating a niche market sector and holding exclusive distribution rights for several international brands, facing little competition locally.
  • Customers include B2B retail (supermarkets) and HoReCa establishments (hotels, restaurants, and cafés) to online retail (e.g., Takealot) and B2C retail.