Reputable Warehouse Bond Business Holding a Unique Market Position

Business Services; Transportation
Client Code: BN000025441
Turnover: £1,800,000

Warehouse bond provider offering receipts processing, storage, transport and distribution, collection of duty and charges for duty stamping and de-stamping/reworking services for products. The company provides its services to a wide range of clients including wholesale suppliers, retail outlets, small family businesses, exclusive distributors and private individuals who wish to sell products in the UK that originated outside of the UK. As one of few operators in a UK marketplace that is highly challenging to penetrate, the company is in a prime position to capitalise on growing demand for bond services, leveraging its exceptional standing with HMRC.

Key Aspects
  • Offers comprehensive bond services including processing, storage, pick and packing, transport and distribution, with bespoke services tailored to the requirements of each client.
  • Long-standing and trusting relationships with a selective and well-crafted client base ensures high levels of repeat custom, and new custom secured via word-of-mouth referrals.
  • One of few UK operators in a market with extremely high barriers to entry, including HMRC approval and licensing requirements.
  • Exceptional industry-specific knowledge held at all staffing levels, ensuring that the company can mitigate a range of logistical challenges, and navigate changing Government regulations as a result of Brexit.
  • Invested heavily in new technologies to streamline operational processes such as bar coding, picking, packing and stock-taking solutions to ensure cost-efficient administration, and a transparent, easy to access ordering and tracking service for clients.
  • Experiencing a significant upswing in demand as a result of pre-emptive Brexit planning by clients, and COVID 19, with a c30% increase in storage sales year-on-year, and c15 new clients secured over the course of 2020.

Opportunity to become a Customs warehouse that will enable the company to facilitate tariffs for European clients post-Brexit, utilising its established relationship with HMRC. Negotiations are already underway with HMRC to facilitate this.