Brewery with high volume bars offering a wide selection of quality led craft beers, including lagers, session pales, non-alcoholic, and low-alcohol beer, to suit various tastes and preferences.

Southwest, UK
Consumer, Food & Retail
Client Code: BN000050193
Turnover (Consolidated): £5,602,000
EBITDA (Consolidated): £521,000

A modern craft brewery, offering a broad range of products and services such as, artistic beers, merchandise and tours and events.

 It is seen as one of the leaders of the UK scene, the company has a hugely strong art led brand that has sat at the forefront of the emerging UK craft beer scene.

Key Aspects
  • Brewery that offers a diverse range of high-quality, sessional beers. As part of their distinct and fresh beer experience, bars throughout the city feature distinctive art-led branding that sets them apart from the competition.
  • This bar-led brewery is committed to serving high-quality beers, emphasizing freshness and a strong connection to the brewing process.
  • Known for their captivating branding, the in-house team has established themselves as industry leaders in the UK craft beer scene, inspiring others in the industry.
  • In addition to gaining international recognition for its beers, the company serves as a source of inspiration for others in the craft beer industry.
  • As a market leader in the UK craft beer scene, the brewery actively manages and nurtures its strong art-led brand, retaining full ownership of all brand and art rights.
  • The organisation envisions substantial growth opportunities to meet the surging demand for a diverse range of high-quality beers, and it anticipates significant expansion potential across various locations.
  • Opportunity to explore additional sales avenues nationally and internationally, thereby diversifying the range of offerings and reaching a wider customer base.
  • Ideal for breweries with an existing bar portfolio or growing bar chains seeking valuable premises with in-house beer production capabilities due to the potential for strategic partnerships and shared growth opportunities.
  • The organisation possesses the potential to leverage the success of its subsidiary entities, enhancing overall performance. This strategic alignment not only offers the opportunity to capitalize on the expertise and resources of these well-established entities but also creates a synergy that can drive innovation and diversify the product portfolio.
  • The introduction of new venues in the future presents opportunities to enter new markets and attract a broader customer base, which is expected to have a positive impact on the sales of various products and brand visibility.
  • Possibility for a potential buyer to acquire a company with a high reputation in the industry and an established customer base, further strengthening the organization's position.
  • The bars of the company exhibit high volume and distinctiveness, affording the brand opportunities for expansion both within the current locale and on a national scale.