Manufacturer and Supplier of a Complete Range of Bespoke Cabling Solutions Across a Diverse Range of Niche Sectors

Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000031225
Turnover (Draft): £2,205,000
EBITDA (Draft): £373,000

Manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of bespoke cabling solutions. Drawing on decades of industry expertise and using its advanced facilities and tooling, including automated CNC machinery and specialist hand tools, the company designs and manufactures tailored and unique solutions to accommodate a myriad of specifications and applications. Underpinned by a customer-centric ethos and exceptional standard of production, the company is highly accredited and boasts UL approval for its unrivalled excellence.

Key Aspects
  • Specialist offering sees the company operate in stable markets, as well as those with high barriers to entry, including marine, military, medical, automotive and aerospace.
  • Decades of expertise enables the company to manufacture a wide range of solutions, from one-ended wires to complex assemblies with over 1k circuits.
  • Holds numerous sector relevant accreditations, including the highly acclaimed UL approval, affirming exceptional standards. 
  • Boasts state-of-the-art production facilities and equipment, including fully automated CNC machines and electrical test equipment.
  • Continually improves efficiency, quality, workmanship, and safety, with all internal staff and departments working to stringent KPIs and a dedicated training matrix.
  • Design for Manufacture (DFM) process sees engineers collaborate with clients to design unique solutions tailored to clients’ specifications.
  • Multiple contracts in place with blue-chip clients and has recently onboarded a major new client (December 2020).
  • Currently runs 37 production hours per week, which could be increased to accommodate a sudden surge in customer demand.
  • Export markets in China, Europe and USA currently account for c15% of turnover and represent a significant growth opportunity.
  • Diversify current product offering and supply cabling solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging points, with the company anticipating generating c£3m from this venture.
  • Implement an innovative and targeted marketing strategy to help further brand awareness, generate new business leads, and boost sales.
  • Manufacturing systems primed to accommodate large increases in customer demand, with excess production capacity available.
  • Recruit a dedicated Business Development Manager to identify and target new opportunities in the marketplace, onboarding new clients and driving an increase in sales.
  • Opportunity for a similar acquirer to gain a foothold in specialist sectors, as well as leverage the company’s well-established and blue-chip client base.
  • Represents an opportunity for a complementary acquirer to enhance and diversify its existing offering, with a view to capitalising on significant cross-selling prospects across a combined client base.
  • Ideal opportunity for a similar acquirer operating in a different region to expand its operating footprint and grow market share.
  • Opportunity for an acquirer, with additional resources and a fresh impetus, to accelerate the company’s business development plans and capitalise on all the opportunities presently available.