Long-established Distributor of Pneumatic Stapling & Nailing Equipment, Boasting Established Relationships with Industry-leading Suppliers

Business Services; Construction; Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000041055
Turnover (Actual): £1,059,000
EBITDA (Actual): £258,000

Long-established distributor of pneumatic nailing, stapling and fastener equipment, specialising in the supply, servicing and repair, of tools sourced from the leading manufacturers. Offers an unrivalled product portfolio suited to a broad range of industrial requirements across bedding, furniture, packaging and pallets manufacture. 

Key Aspects
  • Long-established industry reputation, operating a twin-track business model in both the supply and servicing of pneumatic nailing, stapling and fastener equipment.
  • Versatile product offering suited to a broad range of industrial requirements in the manufacture of beds, furniture, pallets, packing cases and packaging.
  • After-sales service unrivalled by competitors, with the company offering a 48-hour turnaround across servicing & maintenance of tools and products, conducted at onsite workshop and field-based.
  • Lucrative supply network, with the company delivering an extensive portfolio, as an independent distributor of several industry-leading manufacturers source the best tools available in the marketplace.
  • Owing to its long-held expertise across over 2 decades of operation, approximately 85% of revenue is generated via repeat and referral custom.
  • Sales are generated via a dynamic ecommerce platform, establishing a strong market presence and offering flexibility to a broad client base.
  • Opportunity to source alternative suppliers in export markets, to reduce product costs and yield more favourable profit margins.
  • Grow current workforce to secure additional delivery capacity, cater to growing demand, and increase supply output.
  • Expand internal sales division to further existing outreach operation in supporting with the generation of new business leads. 
  • Implement an innovative and targeted marketing strategy to help further brand awareness, generate new business leads and boost sales.
  • Opportunity to continue expansion into currently untapped export markets, as well as increasing its existing presence in large markets such as the Middle East and West Africa.
  • Represents an opportunity for a smaller acquirer to enhance its online profile, and benefit from an established ecommerce platform.
  • Opportunity for an acquirer to secure authorised distributor status with several industry-leading manufacturers to benefit from a cross-selling opportunities by furthering product portfolio. 
  • Opportunity to Increase warehouse footprint & capacity by moving premises to enhance import & export capacity.