Comprehensive Family Medicine Practice

Southeast US
Client Code: BN000026392
Revenue (Internal): $2,640,380
EBITDA (Internal): $529,000

The company is a multi-location medical practice. It specializes in comprehensive family medicine and focuses on adult health maintenance services.

Key Aspects

• Multi-location practice in booming metro market

• Trusted name in the market, operating for over a decade

• Revenues and Adjusted EBITDA have grown at a compound annual growth rate of 15.8% and 54.8% respectively from 2017-2020

• Offers multiple services related to workplace injuries, illnesses, and wellness

• Established patient base drives recurring revenue

• Key providers and management are trusted by patients


• Hire more providers and staff

• Increase hours of operation to include nights and weekends

• Expand by adding more clinics


• Georgia

Current Markets

• Focus on west-side of Metro Atlanta area

Real Estate

• The company has two clinics. One clinic is 4,700 sq. ft., has 12 exam rooms, and is owned by an affiliated entity. The other clinic is 5,000 sq. ft. has 10 exam rooms and is leased from an unrelated third-party. There is room to grow at both locations.