Recruiting Firm Specializing in Pre-screening Employment Services Based in Austin, Texas

Southwest US
Business Services
Client Code: BN000028599
Revenue (Tax Returns): $1,424,594
EBITDA (Tax Returns): $280,263

The business includes two recruiting firms that provide recruitment solutions specializing in pre-screening employment services, IT contract services, and professional services. Both serve small and large commercial businesses in the US and Europe.

Key Aspects
  • Seasoned business with a great reputation in the recruiting industry
  • Repeat business rate in pre-screening employment services and IT contracting services of 85%
  • Listed as the 40th fastest growing privately held company in the US within its first five years of operations
  • Hire additional, specialized sales employees to reach untapped markets
  • Increase exposure to potential clients through participation in trade shows and additional marketing efforts
  • Invest in an engaged IT contract salesperson to increase the business’ market share in the central Texas IT market
  • Market the business’ successful pre-employment screening services to other large state agencies outside of the state of Texas
  • Approach neighboring state and county agencies with similar staff solutions already successfully provided to the business’s current pre-employment screening clients such as high turnover, low morale, and low skill level
  • Strategic trade acquisition offers efficiencies in overall G&A costs
  • Austin, Texas
Current Markets
  • The business provides recruitment services for clients in the US and in Europe. The business also serves the greater Austin, Texas region where it is headquartered. The client base includes state and government agencies as well as small and large businesses seeking specialized recruitment solutions.
Real Estate
  • The business leases an office space from an unrelated third party in Austin, Texas with a lease expiration date of July 2020. In strategic response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the business’ staff, including current ownership, have transitioned to successfully work on a remote basis. For this reason, current ownership does not plan to lease another office space in the foreseeable future.