Bespoke Office Supply Manufacturer & Value Added Distributor

Southwest US
Business Services
Client Code: BN000030652
Revenue (YTD): $2,858,353
EBITDA (YTD): $723,040

The company is a niche manufacturer of custom stationery products committed to consistently and profitably providing quality products and superior service at a competitive price. 

Key Aspects
  • YE 2019 sales of $6.5 million
  • Intellectual management with thorough overall understanding of the business
  • Company owned trademark representing high consumer recognition and brand exclusivity
  • High barriers to entry with specialized equipment unavailable to competitors
  • More product offerings than any other competitor
  • Low overhead cost due to maximization of efficiency and productivity through the use of modern machinery
  • Multitude of opportunities to expand and grow the business including through product lines, sales avenues, and geographic market
  • Expansion of geographic market to Latin America and Australia
  • Introducing international shipping for web orders
  • Presenting new channels of distribution including wholesale, school supply stores, direct to retail and more
  • Use of third-party retailers such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy
  • Further development key product segments and programs
  • Southwest US
Current Markets
  • The e-commerce company serves commercial businesses and individual consumers in the United States and Canada. 
Real Estate
  • The company operates from a 12,000 square-foot office space and warehouse leased from an unrelated third party. The lease is assumable by new ownership, and the business is relocatable.