Horticulture and Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing and Distributing Company

Southeast United States
Business Services; Construction; Consumer, Food & Retail; Environmental, Waste & Recycling; Industrial & Manufacturing; Real Estate, Lodging & Leisure
Client Code: BM008426
Revenue (Internal): $2,551,239
EBITDA (Internal): $178,927

The company designs, manufactures, and distributes high-quality automatic potting machinery, equipment, and supplies used in the horticultural and agricultural industry.

Key Aspects
  • Patent-protected agricultural equipment
  • Strong reputation with great industry relationships
  • Experienced staff in place for seamless transition
  • Wide variety of innovative products
  • Established client base throughout the world
  • Expand sales force and create a formal marketing plan to increase revenue
  • Secure patent protection for additional products currently in late stages of development
  • Automate and outsource functions to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Southeast United States
Current Markets
  • Horticulture and Agriculture
Real Estate
  • The company operates from a 50,200 square foot facility sitting on 9.5 acres that is leased from a related party. There is room to grow in the current location.