Niche Engineering & Consulting Firm Supporting the Power Generation Industry BN000037067

Midwest US
Business Services; Energy & Power
Client Code: BN000037067
Revenue (Tax Returns): $2,602,236
EBITDA (Tax Returns): $517,625

The company specializes in the design/build of custom switchgear, controls and other electrical components for the power generation systems industry. The company's products are sold to power systems providers who then deploy the overall power system to a separate end customer. 

Key Aspects

· Responsive, trustworthy, and clever solutions with a high level of craftmanship at fair prices

· Produces proven results for clients

· The company is ISO9001:2015 certified

· Established and loyal client base throughout the world

· Niche organization focused on supplying the power generation industry

· Skilled workforce in highly customized field of work/expertise

· Very responsive to industry demands and needs


· Expand the team with strategic hires for sales, technical, and project expertise

· Streamline inner-office functions for efficiency

· Growth potential in existing market and expansion into new markets

· Capture additional market share within existing customer base

· Create new and innovative products


· Midwest United States

Current Markets

· Power Generation

Real Estate

· The company operates on 4.5 acres with 5 structures to support operations located on the premises. The supporting structures include a warehouse/wood shop, office building, primary shop, production building, and storage building. This property is available as part of the transaction, or a long-term lease can be negotiated. The property is owned by a related party. There is room to grow in the current location.