Direct Marketing Services Provider

Business Services; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000037947
Revenue (Internal): $8,753,147
EBITDA (Internal): $989,072

The company provides direct marketing services, which includes direct mail, database management, digital print communications fulfillment and related services (print on demand (POD), branded promotional items, specialty packaging, etc.). The company primarily creates direct mail campaigns.

Key Aspects

Averaged $9.0M in revenue from 2018 through the trailing twelvemonths (TTM) ending September 30, 2021, with average gross profit margins of 35%

• Innovative, advanced data processing capabilities

• Well known and respected brand in the Mid-Atlantic market

• One-stop-shop for mailing, printing, and fulfillment needs

• Implemented a business operating system to help refine business processes and accelerate growth

• Technology and specialized software allow the company to simplify and automate complex workflows the help ensure repeatable, consistent work output in a highly efficient manner


• Implement a dedicated marketing strategy to increase brand awareness

• Expand sales team to capture additional market share

• Capitalize on the company’s recent fulfillment expansion and capacity

• Utilize the company’s current equipment to expand service offerings such as non-direct mail print work


• Mid-Atlantic US

Current Markets

• The company primarily serves small to mid-sized companies and organizations throughout the United States.

Real Estate

• There is room to grow in the current location and the lease is transferable.