Software Service, IT Consulting, and Reseller of Two Renowned Low-Code Automation Platforms

Business Services; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000039483
Revenue (Estimated): $19,420,786
EBITDA (Estimated): $2,067,665

The company is a software service and IT consulting company that specializes in providing workflow automation services through two renowned low-code platforms. The company also re-sells both licenses.

Key Aspects

• Revenue grew 37.4% from Q1 2021 to Q1 2022

• The company is in growth mode, expecting 2022 revenue of approximately $21M, in line with 2019 revenue (pre-Covid-19)

• Successfully completed several hundred engagements for clients including Fortune 500 and other large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and federal and state government agencies since 2009

• Won several prominent industry awards as a leader in IT consulting and workflow automation

• Numerous technical consultants/workforce located throughout the United States

• Utilizes its in-house reusable suite of components to accelerate delivery time and increase the quality

• A leader in the market with the most partner certifications compared to competitors

• Developed a proprietary training curriculum on its top product partners’ platform


• Expand its highly trained workforce to increase the capacity to pursue additional clients and projects, particularly with large entities

• Expand service offerings in industries that the company has expertise while developing expertise in new industry targets

• Add expertise in adjacent technologies to grow into a diversified digital transformation solution provider

• Add an offshore component, which would enable the company to leverage lower-cost resources while driving projects forward within different zones 


• Mid-Atlantic & Southwest US 

Current Markets

• The company's target market is primarily large and mid-size entities with $500 million or more in revenue. The company serves clients within the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy industries throughout the United States. 

Real Estate

• The company's operations are primarily remote. The company leases three facilities (two in the Mid-Atlantic and one in the Southwest US), which total approximately 40,000 square feet. All facilities are leased from unrelated third parties and there is room to grow at each of the three locations.